Express Yourself Through Home Makeovers

Express Yourself Through Home Makeovers

When it comes to embarking on a home makeover, all the home decorating advice and interior design rules you encounter should all be directed to help you do one crucial thing: express yourself. The look, feel, flow and design of your home is a wonderful way to express your personality. Your home is the place you live, work, spend time with your family. Your home is your castle and your temple, and so it should always be an expression and extension of yourself. After all, a home that reflects the personality of the people who inhabit it is the most vibrant, lively type of home possible.

A great way to express yourself through home renovations is to redo a room in a way that will be most helpful and functional to you. Don’t simply create a bland, multi-purpose home office, but create a space that is uniquely tailored to your needs. For example, if you are a home sewer, design a sewing room, with a sewing machine, cutting tables, and plenty of storage for fabrics. If you are a musician, design a music room, complete with places to display your instruments and recording equipment. The key here is specifics, making a space that is the most useful to you and your needs.

When renovating a multi-functional room, like a kitchen or living room, let your personal interests and inclinations guide you. Let the things you like surround you in your space at all times, so you home becomes a natural extension of yourself. If you are a hunter, this doesn’t mean camo print and deer heads on the walls, but it might mean deep forest green accents and an etching of a hunting scene hung on the wall. Choose expressions that are tasteful as they are personal.

Finally, decorate rooms in a way that best reflects how you use them. For example, if you think of your bathroom as a sanctuary and refuge, decorate it with soft, cool colours like blues and greens, and focus on items like a huge soaker tub, things that emphasize privacy and relaxation. If instead you think of your bathroom as a beauty parlour, then it should be decorated as a more active space, and the focus of the room should be on storage and on a large mirrored vanity or makeup table.

However you choose to redecorate or renovate, always keep in mind the way that you use and inhabit your home. Always strive to make your space more useful to you and more inhabitable by you and your family.