3 Home Makeovers For Under $100

3 Home Makeovers For Under $100

The idea of embarking on home renovations can immediately make a frugal home owner cringe, picturing the expense of hiring contractors and committing to thousands of dollars in remodelling fees. But it is remarkable what can be accomplished with very little money, a bit of hard work, and some creativity. Here are some home makeover ideas that can bring new life and personality into your home, all for under $100!

Show Your True Colours

It is amazing how far a fresh coat of paint can go when it comes to breathing new life into a room. Even painting a single wall a bright, striking colour can completely change the character of a room. Paint is relatively inexpensive, and even with taping around windows or moulding and putting down plastic sheets, you’ll end up spending well under a hundred dollars.

Use What You Have

Instead of purchasing an expensive print or art piece to decorate a wall, use items that you already value and turn them into a work of art! A lovely piece of lace from a wedding veil, a child’s first sketch, a candid photo of a loved one can all be turned into lovely wall art by framing them and placing them on a wall. Frames can be purchased at yard sales and consignment stores for a fraction of the cost of framing places. Simply paint the frames, frame your keepsakes, and mount them on the wall. Now you will have a display that is both meaningful and beautiful!

Customize Your Bathroom

A new, customized shower curtain and bath mat can go an incredibly long way towards improving the look and feel of a small bathroom. Bath mats can be purchased in an array of colours and patterns, with curtains to match. You can even create your own custom designs for under a hundred dollars! Simply choose a fabric, pair it with a plastic liner, hire a seamstress to hem it for you, and you will have a unique bathroom look all your own.

Refresh Your Kitchen

Not every kitchen makeover has to involve new stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. Sometimes the smallest changes can have a huge impact. New kitchen accessories can completely change the feel of a space. New curtains, pot holders, towels, canisters, and a new centrepiece can refresh and renew a room for a fraction of the price.


The cheapest and easiest way to change your space without spending money is to move things around. Rearrange your furniture into a more attractive and functional setting. Cycle out some linens from the back of the closet. Rearrange your shelves and move the art around on the walls. You might be shocked with the impact a few small changes can make!