Handle With Care: How To Keep Your Belongings Safe During A Move

Handle With Care: How To Keep Your Belongings Safe During A Move

With all of the excitement and stresses associated with moving day, one of the most oft-cited is the fear of some prized heirloom or delicate object will be broken in the move. This common fear is not groundless, as there are many opportunities for a box to be dropped or jostled when moving every single one of your possessions from one place to another. However, there are many things that you can do to minimize this risk and set your fear of breakage at ease.

Use Packing Materials

There are many excellent materials available to the careful packer to make sure that items are as insulated against breakage as possible. Pack particularly fragile times in cartons. Use generous amounts of paper, bubble wrap, and tape. Use other items you are moving, such as clothing, as packing materials themselves, so that more delicate things don’t bump into each other.

Label Carefully

Take the time to be a meticulous labeller. Make sure that boxes that contain fragile items are marked FRAGILE in big, bold, easy-to-read letters. Writing exactly what is in a box can also help, such as indicating that something contains dishes or glass-framed photographs, so that a mover knows exactly how to handle a particular box.

Plan Ahead

Careful packing is a crucial part of protecting your possessions from breakage. If you rush through packing at the last minute, there will be no way to wrap things properly and keep them safe. Simply taking your time to arrange things carefully and use all the proper materials is one of the most important things you can do to make sure everything arrives in one piece.

Move Valuables By Hand

If there are a few items that are particularly precious to you, move them yourself, by hand. Move them in your own car rather than the moving truck and take personal responsibility for getting these items into your new home safe and sound. Taking care of a few things personally will give you a sense of control and reduce your stress level.

Taking the time to take these few easy steps will make sure that all of your possessions make it through moving day safe, sound and unbroken!