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Hiring A Professional Vs. What You Can Do Yourself

Hiring A Professional Vs. What You Can Do Yourself

When it comes to home remodeling and renovations, one of the most-asked questions is whether you should do a project yourself or hire a contractor. Each option has pros and cons that go along with it, and these factors can vary considerably based on the kind of job you need to have done. Knowing which option to choose can sometimes be confusing, but by carefully weighing your options it should soon become clear exactly which choice is best for you.

When making this decision, here are some important questions you should answer that will help you choose wisely.

Who has the most experience? Unless you have done a lot of home renovation work in the past, the answer to this question is usually the contractor. That said, if you have had experience doing similar jobs, have a passion for do-it-yourself renovations, or are just unusually handy, the gap in experience can close considerably, and it may be worth it just to do the job yourself.

What are the consequences of mistakes? If a badly done job will compromise your or your home’s safety, it is always best to err in favour of the most experience. Also keep in mind that contractors will provide insurance that covers their jobs, so if anything goes wrong they are obligated to fix it and not change you any more. In contrast, if you make a mistake yourself, you wall have to redo the job and buy new materials, which can quickly become very expensive.

What is the most reasonable option? Usually, doing a remodelling job yourself can save you a lot of money over hiring a contractor. However, sometimes hiring a contractor can actually be cheaper, as contractors have access to cheaper materials from wholesalers and can complete tasks more quickly. Make sure the DIY option really is the cheapest option before you commit.

What is the time-frame for a remodeling job? This question is really about the quality of your life. For example, if you are tacking a major remodelling job to your bathroom, how long can you really go without access to that room? How long can you manage without using your kitchen? Doing projects on your own can stretch projects days and even weeks longer tan hiring a contractor, and if it is the matter of easy access to a shower every day, you may just want to get the job done as quickly as possible and hire a professional.

When deciding between hiring a contractor or going to do-it-yourself route, weigh your options carefully and be sure to choose the process that will cause you the least stress and ultimately leave you the happiest with your home.