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Packing Tips: How To Stay Organized

Packing Tips: How To Stay Organized

Moving can make even the most organized home owner feel like their house has exploded, and that it will never be tidy again. But don’t let the chaos of moving get the better of you. By following a few easy packing tips, you an actually get through a move even more organized than you were before!

The Clutter Exodus

Look at moving as a unique opportunity to get rid of all the extra clutter in your home. Donate any items that you don’t need, like furniture, clothing, and housewares, to a local charity or shelter. Have a yard sale and eliminate all those nick knacks that will just take up valuable space. Go through your cupboards and donate any superfluous canned goods and shelf-stable foods you don’t need to a local soup kitchen. The more you can get rid of, the less you will have to move!

Purchase Storage Solutions

Any new storage solutions that you know you will need in your new home should be purchased ahead of time. If you need new bookshelves, buy them and set them up as part of the moving process. Smaller storage containers, like plastic bins for toys and linens, can be used as part of the packing process so that you won’t have to unpack and re-store them later.

Move Room By Room

When you back up your belongings from your old home, be sure to label the boxes according to where you want them to end up in your new house. Then, make sure that when all those boxes are moved in, they end up in the room that they are destined for right away. This will make unpacking infinitely less of a hassle as you won’t be moving things from room to room more than you need.

De-Clutter Round Two

Just as packing to move is an excellent opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need, unpacking is an equally fine time to look over your possessions with a critical eye. No matter how ruthless you were before, there will always be other things you can get rid of. Maybe something does not fit in your new home or does not suit your new decorating, despite your best laid plans.

Take Your Time Unpacking

Resist the temptation to throw everything haphazardly onto shelves or in drawers just to get done unpacking. Take your time and organize carefully. Place books on shelves in the order that you wish, set up all the organizers for closets and wardrobes, and put everything in its place as you intended. You will be so much happier if you go more slowly and take the time to put everything aware carefully and thoughtfully.

Before you know it, you will be unpacked and settled into your new, beautifully organized home!