Green Space: Great Tips For A Perfect Lawn

October 29, 2020

There is no image of home ownership more iconic than that of a perfect, deep green, manicured lawn. Generations of home owners have taken great pride in maintaining their lawns to the best of their abilities. A great lawn can make your home even more valuable and beautiful, increasing the curb appeal of your home and making your house stand out on your street.

So how can you get that perfect, emerald-green, golf-course-perfect lawn? Here are some tips from lawn care professionals that can help you achieve this look yourself.

Know How to Mow

Exactly when and how you mow can greatly effect the beauty of your lawn. Mowing frequently, and keeping your blades very sharp, is the key to keeping your lawn green, as both of these techniques keep the tips of your blades of grass from browning. It is important not to mow too short as well, as your lawn will respond by growing more quickly, which will set up a cycle of intensive upkeep you may not be able to maintain. It is also advisable to avoid mowing a wet lawn, as the soil will become too compacted and the roots will be unable to breathe. Finally, don’t bag and carry off all of your clippings. Short slipping will work their way back into the soil and naturally fertilize your lawn.

Wise Watering

The most common mistake that home owners make about lawn care is watering too frequently. A thirsty lawn is a healthy lawn. Wait to water until the soil resists you when you try and pierce it with a screwdriver, or footprints on your lawn remain visible after you walk across it. When you water, give your lawn about an inch at a time. Once you have watered a patch of your grass long enough for an inch of water to fall (you can use a rain meter to measure this), move your sprinkler to a new location on the lawn.

Frugal Fertilizing

Home owners are notorious for over-fertilizing their lawns, which can lead to excess thatch and overgrowth. It is best to fertilize occasionally, testing your soil to know exactly when it needs a boost, and then using natural fertilizers when it is necessary. Not only his this better for the environment, but it will cause you lawn to grow at the correct rate and be as beautiful as it can possibly be.

Pest Control

Whether you are battling bugs, disease or weeds, the best defence is to keep your lawn vigorous, dense and healthy. Following all the other lawn care advice here will provide you with a robust defence. If at all possible, pull weeds by hand or with a weeding tool. Only look into pesticides and herbicides as a last resort, and try to use natural products that will protect your lawn my making it healthier and able to repel pests more effectively on its own.